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This is’s Privacy Centre. This Centre gives you quick access to:

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What is is a brand name for a collection of services offered by providers in the Unlimit group whose services are offered to customers through the Website, App, or User Interface. The services, therefore, under the brand, are provided by different entities (collectively known as “ providers” or “we” or “our” in this Privacy Centre).

This means that not all the services are provided by one entity. Where this is the case, customers should refer to the privacy notices of relevant providers made available on the left-hand side of this Privacy Centre. You can check the provider’s applicable privacy notices there.

Website Privacy Notice: this applies when you visit our Website, App or contact us via the channels available on the Website. Provider’s Privacy Notices: Different privacy notices by providers apply depending on which services you have chosen and what personal data is processed by the relevant provider in order for you to receive the service. Please read the terms and conditions and customer information available on our Website. For example, visit here when you use’s Account and Payment Services and Card. Visit here when you subscribe for USDT services.

Cookie Notice: Our Cookie Notice sets out our practices for cookies, tags and other online data we gather when you visit our Website. We also explain how you can manage your use of cookies using our cookie banner and cookie settings and your preference settings.

Personal Data Strategic Commitments empowers businesses for global success and is committed to the Group’s Strategic Commitments below:

Transparent and accurate: We want you to understand what personal data we gather about you, why we gather it, and that we care about keeping it accurate and up to date.

Trained and Assessable: Our Personal Data Strategy and Vision are based on a global privacy program built on a controls framework to support testing and audits. Our staff is trained in privacy and security.

Safe, secure and confidential: We know you require secure, borderless, quick, and trusted experiences. We take pride in our services, and we must ensure your personal data is kept safe, secure, and confidential. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personal data is appropriately protected, including when we need to work with third parties.

Privacy by design and default: We collect only personal data that we need from you to provide our products and services. We embrace privacy by design and by default into the personal data lifecycle.

Ethical use, retention and deletion: We keep your personal data only for as long as we need it and strive to delete it afterward, per local law. We do not sell your personal data.

How do you Contact us?

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

We ask that you not send sensitive data or payment details to the data protection function.